ElectroBraid Reel

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ElectroBraid is a highly visible, highly conductive, rust-free electric fence that is recommended by vets around the world. You can create a durable enclosure that excels as a permanent fence or as a mobile fence for rotational grazing. Best of all, with fence post spacings of 20-40 feet, ElectroBraid costs a fraction of other fencing systems as you save on hardware and posts.

ElectroBraid has a 25 year warranty!

We recommend not combining the ElectroBraid copper fencing system with systems that use stainless steel, mixed metal, aluminum, etc as these metals are inferior in terms of conductivity and will (1) prevent optimal electrical performance of your ElectroBraid fence system and (2) will cause corrosion of metals over time. If you must combine metals, we recommend using a Neutral Plate Connector.


  • 1000 feet of checkered (black & white) braided polyester fiber jacket and strong polypropylene core
  • Double helix copper design. Conductivity exceeds performance of stainless, mixed metal, and steel wires.
  • Highly visible in all seasons
  • Resilient - bounces back when struck by a panicked horse
  • Meets the high standards established for seatbelts and parachute harness
  • Model #: PBRC1000C2-EB

*Please contact us for orders of 10 or more reels plus corresponding hardware as we can ship directly from our warehouse via pre-paid freight and save you money.