"I love working with The Big Prairie Store! They are extremely knowledgeable about horses, ElectroBraid and all their products, and fencing for horses in general. Their customer service is second to none and I would not buy from anywhere else." -- B.F.  (Alberta)


"Thank you SO much for helping me plan out my new fence and determining how much I needed of what, I could not have done it without you!" -- M.G. (Manitoba)


"To the folks at The Big Prairie Store, thank you for all your help! Your tips and tricks saved me a ton of money and not only do we have an incredibly safe and good looking fence that allows us to enjoy our view, it is so versatile for rotational grazing. You guys ROCK!" -- J.T. (Ontario)


"I have used this fence for several years. One more plus is ease of repairs! We all know that on a farm things happen, and even this solid fence may break (horses right? Or a moose, or a truck load of hay bales rolling down a hill through it...). I can single handedly fix this fence in no time at all. Huge plus for me as hubby is gone most of the time." -- A.G. (British Columbia)


"ElectroBraid is the best! We use it for paddocks and perimeter fencing. Installed almost 9 years ago, ZERO maintenance since then. We have 3-strands on the main pasture fences. Off those I ran a single strand this past summer for a track system. Super easy to add and remove strands wherever you want once your main fence is in." -- S.D. (British Columbia)


 "After spending a lifetime in the horse industry; I’ve finally found the answer for all my safe fencing needs with ElectroBraid! Love how easy it is to install and am so happy with the safety it provides after years of wrecks in barbed wire and high tensil!!!" -- S.S. (Alberta)


"Thank you so much for your help designing my paddock layout; we love our new set-up and how easy this product is to work with." -- A.M. (Quebec)


"I will definitely return to The Big Prairie Store!" -- E.L. (Prince Edward Island)


"I love the stuff! I call it 'girl fencing' just because it’s so easy to install and so versatile! You can use it for a permanent fence or a temporary paddock and ElectroBraid is guaranteed for 25 years so it’s worth the investment. It’s beautiful and makes your place uncluttered but the most important thing is it’s SAFE!!" -- L.M. (Alberta)


"Awesome product! We’ve been using Electrobraid for 13 years and have never had to repair it and have never had a horse escape." -- A.C. (British Columbia)


"We just had a huge windstorm on Vancouver Island and had two huge trees come down on the ElectroBraid. Amazingly nothing broke, no insulators pulled out of the posts. Just cut the trees off and tighten the fence up and we’re good to go. our deer just pop right through the lines without missing a beat. We have four strands of ElectroBraid and LOVE it." -- R.E. (British Columbia)


"LOVE this product and you guys are fantastic to work with!" -- C.L. (Sasketchwan)


"I highly recommend!!! The BEST, safest, and easiest fencing ever!!" -- S.K. (British Columbia)


"You were so helpful planning my rotational grazing layout, thank you!!" -- S.S. (Nova Scotia)


"I have this fencing and I love it -- in places, I have it attached to trees so don't need posts everywhere -- bears stay away from my small animals and it keeps my goats in -- when I've had an incident with horses, there has only been rope burns for horse injuries -- I love this fencing and I'm so happy to see a Canadian distributor again." -- Y.Y. (British Columbia)


"This stuff is working wonders for keeping my problem cribbers and chewers off our posts. So glad I found you here." -- B.C. (Alberta)


"We've been using it for 16 years!" -- S.C.F. (British Columbia)


"I just wanted to say I love your customer service. I'm looking forward to working with you one day." -- M.A. (British Columbia)


"We keep coming back to you for the fantastic customer service. You are so helpful and knowledgeable, full of  functional and practical ideas that save us money and make this fence incredibly versatile. Thanks again!" -- C.R. (Ontario)


"I've used this fencing for almost as long as The Big Prairie Store as been selling here in Alberta. I run a boarding facility and my boarders and I both love it as the horses are ACTUALLY safe." -- D.A. (Alberta)


"We have this everywhere in our pastures. Love it, 15 years and looks new still." -- D.W. (British Columbia)


"All of our pastures are fenced in this! Have saved thousands in vet bills in the first 3 years of use." -- Bar K7 Quarter Horses (Alberta)


"I love this fencing! I have had it almost 3 years and it still looks brand new, throughout all the rain I get!" -- H.H. (British Columbia)


"Our horses and mini donkeys respect the ElectroBraid fencing. No worries of injuries." -- T.F (Alberta)


"Love ElectroBraid. So nice to be able to turn horses out and know they are not going to get hurt. Even if they run into it the most I have ever had was a rope burn or them bounce off it. Great for any horse." -- C.O. (Alberta)

"I had it in Nova Scotia on about 25 acres for 15 years with very little maintenance. It is still being used by the new owners. We even had their augered corner posts and spreaders without any breakage. I would use it again in a heartbeat. Never had a horse injury with it either and they respected it even 2 draft horse I pastured for 2 weeks." -- M.D. (British Columbia)


"LOVE ElectroBraid. Favourite fence ever. Looks great, easy maintenance and SAFE." -- C.O. (Alberta)


"We love ElectroBraid too...put up one strand around the yard to move horses around and they stay away from it!" -- P.L.S. (Alberta)


"I had 25 acres fenced and cross fenced into four parcels. Four strands on outside with 3 strands on the cross fencing. We used the recycled plastic posts far apart. In 15 years, we never had a single cut on any horse! We lived beside a skating rink that was totaled by a big plow wind which blew all the tin walls and roof through our fence; it did not stand that and was ripped to pieces. Unfortunately our insurance would not cover it and I decided not to rebuild; however, I LOVED the ElectroBraid. You didn't have to do much tightening in 15 years...just loved it!" -- D.C. (Manitoba)