How to Use Neutral Plate Connectors

The neutral plate connector:
  • Allows you to connect the copper ElectroBraid system to steel, galvanized or aluminum wire
  • Allows you to take power to or from an existing fence wire that is not copper
  • Creates the best conductivity in all splices, terminations and electrical connections
  • Prevents corrosion between different metals in a wire connection
  • Requires the use of a copper lead-out wire

Use ElectroBraid to expand your existing electric fence system
Even if you currently have an electric fence that uses steel, galvanized or aluminum wire, you can still add or expand your fencing system using the copper-based ElectroBraid system. When connecting ElectroBraid to non-copper wire, always use an ElectroBraid neutral plate connector. It allows you to take power to or from an existing fence wire fence that is not copper, using copper lead-out wire.


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