How to Use Roller Insulators

Durable ElectroBraid roller insulators are specially engineered for use on corner, end, and gate posts. They eliminate friction when tensioning, making ElectroBraid installation even easier. And, compared to conventional line post insulators, ElectroBraid roller insulators withstand greater forces from vertical changes of direction. For this reason, we also suggest using ElectroBraid roller insulators in peaks and valleys. They are easy to assemble and install for a great looking and strong fence.


    Why does my fence need insulators?
    Electrified fence must not come in contact with fence posts or gates because this can “short out” the fence. Insulators that do not conduct electricity are used to attach the electrified fence to posts, gates or trees.

    At what point during fencing installation do I install ElectroBraid roller insulators?
    After setting all corner, end and gate posts and correctly bracing them, you are ready to fasten insulators. Since wood conducts electricity, you must use insulators on all posts, including brace posts, to eliminate electrical shorts.

    How do I install ElectroBraid roller insulators on end posts?
    Measure and mark the location of each of your planned strands of braid on one of your end posts then make a jig to help you mark your other posts. (A jig is simply a stick on which you indicate the position of each insulator so you don’t have to measure at every post). Attach ElectroBraid roller insulators by using 2.5” heavy-duty screws to hold the insulator in place.

    CAUTION - BE SURE NOT TO OVER TIGHTEN the screws as this will bend the bracket of the insulator, preventing the pin from setting properly and possibly causing the roller to release.

    How do I install ElectroBraid roller insulators on inside corners?
    The preferred method is to terminate the braid around the back of the post, as shown in the diagram:



    How do I install ElectroBraid through a peak or valley?
    On hilly terrain, you should install line posts at the peaks and in the valleys first, and then space the remaining line posts to suit the terrain. We recommend using ElectroBraid roller insulators wherever there is a horizontal or vertical change in direction since the use of other insulators could allow the braid to pull out under tension. You should tension the braid first. Then, after the braid has been tensioned, remove the roller pin, place the braid behind the roller and re-insert the pin ensuring the pin is set all the way by tapping it with a screw driver. The braid may jam in the insulator if you insert the braid behind the roller and then try to tension.

    How do I install roller insulators on trees I’m using for corner, end, and line posts?
    If you are running ElectroBraid through a mature wooded area, you may want to use standing trees for posts. A mature tree (8 inch minimum diameter) can provide an excellent brace, however, be certain to attach a 2x4 to the tree and then apply the insulators to the 2x4 to prevent the tree from growing over the insulators.


    WARNING: Avoid Small trees that can move in the breeze and wear the braid. Note: Remove any brush that may come in contact with the fence.



    How many ElectroBraid roller insulators will I need?
    1. Add the number of corner posts and the number of end posts and multiply by the number of strands = __A___.
    2. Count the number of Line posts with vertical changes in direction (hills, gullies, etc.) and multiply by the number of stands = __B___.
    3. Add these two numbers together (__A__ + __B___) = _____. This is the number of ElectroBraid roller insulators you require.

    When and how do I install line posts?
    When you have completed the corner and end posts, you are ready to install your line posts and the line post insulators and start running your lines. First you need a sight line.

    Starting at a gate or end post, feed the ElectroBraid through the second insulator from the bottom and secure it using a polyrope splicer. Pick up the reel and begin to walk the fence line. Insert the ElectroBraid behind each corner post insulator. When you get to the end post, insert the ElectroBraid behind the end post insulator and secure it with a polyrope splicer  Attach the tensioning device and tighten. Then loosen the poly rope splicer, pull out the slack and re-tighten. The sight line you have created will help you position your line posts in a straight line.

    Installing Wood Line Posts
    Using the installed strand of ElectroBraid as a sight line, install your line posts. On hilly terrain, install line posts at the peaks and in the valleys first, and then space the remaining line posts to suit the terrain. Place a post at the top of each rise and the bottom of each depression. Recommended distance between line posts is 20 to 40 feet. Mark the position for each insulator with your jig, and attach each line post insulator and each ElectroBraid roller insulator to all posts.


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