How to Use Line Post Insulators

Why does my fence need insulators?
Electrified fence must not come in contact with fence posts or gates because this can “short out” the fence. Insulators that do not conduct electricity are used to attach the electrified fence to posts, gates or trees.

Why are these insulators called “heavy-duty?”
ElectroBraid heavy-duty line post Insulators are durable, and UV-resistant to provide long-lasting service. Use 1 inch heavy-duty screws from your local hardware store to secure the line post insulators to posts.

Use for more than line posts
ElectroBraid heavy-duty line post Insulators are not only for line posts. You can also use them for brace posts and braces. Customers also find these insulators are handy to use independently with various conductors or as part of their complete ElectroBraid Horse Fence System.

How many line post insulators do I need?

        1. Count the number of line posts and multiply by the number of strands. This is the number of line post Insulators you will need for line posts.
        2. Depending on the type of posts you plan to use for corner posts, brace posts, and ends posts, you may need additional insulators of a different style. Choices include ElectroBraid Roller Insulators (our recommendation) and ElectroBraid heavy-duty line post Insulators. Refer to your ElectroBraid Installation Manual for complete details.

          At what point during fencing installation do I install insulators?
          After you have set all corner, end and gate posts, and you have correctly braced them, you will install a strand of ElectroBraid as a sight line, and install your line posts and insulators. You will need to install insulators on all posts, including brace posts.

          How do I install wood line posts?
          Using the installed strand of ElectroBraid as a sightline, install your line posts. Mark the position for each insulator with your jig, and attach each ElectroBraid heavy-duty line post Insulator to all posts.

          When should I use ElectroBraid Roller Insulators?
          ElectroBraid roller insulators withstand greater forces from vertical changes of direction than a conventional line post insulator. For this reason, we suggest using ElectroBraid roller insulators when installing the braid on a line post at a peak or a valley. You should tension the braid first, then remove the roller pin, place the braid behind the roller and re-insert the pin ensuring the pin is set all the way by tapping it with a screw driver. The braid may jam in the insulator if you insert the braid behind the roller and then try to tension.


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