What is an Energizer?

Whether you’re installing a new electric fence or updating your current fence – the energizer is the heart of your system, and making the proper choice is a must.

What is an Energizer?

Also known as chargers, energizers, fencers, zappers, etc., energizers are the source of electrical current to your fence. This is what determines the “zap” when touched, as long as the fence is properly grounded. There are basically three different types of energizers: AC-powered/plug-in, DC-powered/battery-powered, and solar-powered.

  • AC Fence Energizers – The most popular of fence energizers, AC energizers are perfect for large areas of fencing. If a reliable source of 110V or 220V power is available, AC Fence energizers are available for fence lines up to 200 miles long. These energizers provide the best output compared to solar or DC-powered units.
  • DC Fence Energizers – Battery-operated or DC-powered electric fence energizers are ideal for a remote location of your property where an electrical outlet is unavailable. These types of energizers use 12-volt, 4-volt, or D-cell batteries which need to be changed out regularly. The more times the fence is grounded (due to how many times your animals touch it, or if there are weeds touching it), the sooner you will have to replace or charge your batteries. Frequently test your fence to confirm that it is hot.
  • Solar-Powered Energizers – Much like the battery-powered option, solar chargers are best in areas where there is not access to an electrical outlet. These solar units contain a battery for energy storage, while the attached solar panel collects the sun’s energy to charge the battery.




Low impedance vs high impedance, what's the difference?

Low impedance technology allows for increased joules on the fence line, meaning energy can push past weeds and vegetation to keep the fence hot. High impedance – known as weed burner or weed chopper – energizers would “burn” or leak into vegetation that comes into contact with the fence. High impedance energizers are generally not as safe, leak power, and have been known to cause fires.


What type of energizer do I need?

The type of energizer you will need is based upon your fencing set-up, including length of fence, number of wires you will be electrifying, power source, and the type of animal being contained or excluded.

If you are using ElectroBraid to contain your horses, low impedance energizers  are recommended. These AC energizers are the best to complete your ElectroBraid fencing system because they feature brass terminals that prevent galvanic corrosion of metals. Our chargers use pure copper, which is the third best electrical conductor after silver and gold and is 70 times more conductive than stainless steel.

For any setup, ensure your energizer is low impedance and certified safe by UL or CSA. It is vital the energizer you choose be powerful enough to meet your needs. A simple rule of thumb is to match your length of fence to 1/10th the energizer’s voltage rating.


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